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"Malcolm X" by Cecile Emeke
Malcolm “Little” had a traumatic child hood including everything from abuse/harassment from the KKK, his father’s murder being declared as suicide, being taken away from his mother who was put into a mental institution, to being separated from his siblings and orphaned.
Malcolm X has been a tremendously influential voice in the critique of white, imperialist, capitalist structures and is most known and loved for his unwavering honesty and accuracy in his criticisms.
Malcolm X had a huge global impact from everywhere from harlem, to london, to legon, to mecca.
The FBI’s illegal and unconstitutional Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) worked to create the circumstances that led to Malcolm’s assassination in 1965, as well as the death of many of leaders other organisations fighting for rights in America.
The US gov has still not released the files related to the assassination of Malcolm X.
None of the three men convicted of killing Malcolm X served life sentences for the assassination. Two of the men were released from prison in the 1980s, serving less time than Marissa Alexander who fired a warning shot with a legally owned gun in self defense. The third was paroled in 2010. 
Malcolm X’s character has consistently been defamed to this day, often being labelled as “violent”, “racist”, “extreme” and has been demonised in comparison to other black leaders. 
Why is Malcolm’s story important?
Like every story there are a hundred reasons why, but Malcolm’s story not only highlights the systematic, institutionalised oppression for black people in America and globally…
But also his story illustrates the systematic attempt to destroy all leaders who get close to achieving freedom for others.
His story highlights the deliberate attempt of the US government to be complicit in assassiantions and cover up of the truth.
His story is also another case highlighting the effects of COINTELPRO.
Though Malcolm is a figure that is very well known, the truth of his story is often not well known in mainstream circles. Sign this petition requesting the US gov to release files on Malcolm.

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Like Gandhi said:
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”
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